Thread: evalutaing a prefix expression

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    evalutaing a prefix expression

    Is there an algorithm to evaluate a prefix expression. I googled and i could find a lot on evaluating a postfix expression using a stack. Thats cool, but i found almost no info on evaluating a prefix expression.

    For example,
    if the prefix expression is : +-/+abcd*fg,
    the infix should be evaluated as (a+b)/c-d+(f*g)

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    I know you Googled, but so did I, and here's what I got:
    evaluate prefix expression - Google Search

    The first result was a lengthy article from explaining the process.
    The second result was a Wikipedia article with some pseudo code for prefix evaluation.
    The third was a MS Word doc from University of Bridgeport explaining the process and giving pseudo code.
    The list goes on...

    If you need specific help, make a decent effort, post your code in code tags and ask a specific question.

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