Thread: inverse hyperbolic cotangent

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    inverse hyperbolic cotangent

    I think the inverse hyperbolic cotangent is the same as 1/(atanh) however math.h doesnt have acoth however my problem is this:
    c code produces #QNAN0 from this:
    xx = (exp(a_global*2*pi) - cosh(a_global*b_global*rev_t))/(sinh(a_global*b_global*rev_t));
    c0 = -1/atanh(xx);
    however xx produces the value 4.31.
    -acoth(4.31) in matlab produces -0.2363
    -1/atanh(4.31) in matlab produces -0.0937 + 0.6225i

    so i know its imaginary and therefore c cannot calculate it. However how else can I calculate acoth() in c, because this obviously doesnt work?

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    According to this article: Inverse hyperbolic function - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, acoth x = atanh 1/x, so I think you want to calculate atanh(1/4.31), not 1/atanh(4.31).

    EDIT: And the C99 standard allows for handling of complex numbers, though not all compilers support it. Check your compiler docs and the C99 standard here: C Draft Standards.

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