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    strcmp question

    Part of my file:

    int main(void)
       int done = 0;
       char line[300];
          printf("> ");
          fgets(line, 300, stdin);
          line[strlen(line) - 1] = '\0';
          if(strcmp(line, "area items") == 0)
             areaItems(current, startPtr);
          if(strcmp(line, "commands") == 0)
       }while(! done);
    The code is working fine. However, I'd like the user to be able to type "grab butter" or "grab toast" or "grab [item]". Can I still use strcmp to read in grab but store the second word in a char name[10]? Or is there something much better to use than strcmp?

    Hope that makes sense. Thanks

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    You can use strtok to parse any command the user enters into a series of tokens. Then you can use strcmp on the first token to see if it's "grab", and then do whatever you want with the remaining tokens.
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    sscanf will do what you want.

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    As quzah suggested, you would want an fgets / sscanf pair; which is the easiest way, IMO, to get user input. So something like this:

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(void){
    	char inputBuffer[100]={0};
    	char word1[10]={0}, word2[10]={0};
    	printf("> ");
    	//grab entire lineof input
    	fgets(inputBuffer, sizeof(inputBuffer), stdin);
    	//Parse the line into, in this case 2 different strings seperated by spaces
    	//it could be any format you want, e.g. %s %d %s %c, ect.
    	sscanf(inputBuffer, "%s %s", word1, word2);
    	printf("Word1:%s Word2:%s ", word1, word2);
    	return (0);
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    Thanks! Got sscanf to work

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    If you only care if the words are present... but arent worried about the order... you could use strstr() which might be faster...

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