Thread: TCP Application using C for embedded linux based board

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    TCP Application using C for embedded linux based board

    Can I any body please guide me how to write TCP application in C what are the librarries to include and what are the parameters need to set in this case

    I am using MCF5329 embedded linux based board support package. I need to make application for TCP Communication wih Host Pc running windows Xp on it .

    on the board side I need to write TCP application for the server and on the Pc side I need to write it for the client .

    First I am writing it for the TCP server on the board Side. Can any body have idea about this type of programing and have done it before .

    Or is there any prebuild microsoft visual studio templates for TCP communication which I can use fro this purpose .

    Thanks in advance

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    Yes there are libraries included with both OSs for the task...
    In fact they are part of the core operating systems.

    Getting Started with Winsock (Windows)

    Programming Linux sockets, Part 1: Using TCP/IP

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