Thread: Create malloc and free function in C?

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    end is probably the end of the allocated block of memory; but as you say, it is not defined here (nor is it changed here!) so if you want to know what it is you'll have to find it elsewhere.
    Actually I think end is a marker set by the linker (see below) for where the memory occupied by the bootloader code section ends, so everything between &end and MAXBRK is available for use by the allocator.

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    One problem I had with the script here:i386/boot/cdboot/malloc.c Source is that I have no idea what &end is. It hasn't been declared in this piece of code, so I assume its in boot.h. How do I define end?
    You could, maybe, look at boot.h?
    /* linker stuff */
    extern void end;

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    I'm not quite really sure what OP is upto and from what I can understand after reading the post is either he's trying learn and develop malloc or OS i'm not quite sure. But if its all about creating his own malloc from scratch I say its pretty much starting to develop his OS. But its about memory management like develop your version of malloc with some help OS then there are a few system calls, which you could use to allocate and deallocate. Which effectively what malloc and free does when it gets called. There are system calls like brk and mmap which is used handle memory at the OS level. There is tutorial which I followed while back to understand how malloc actually works. Perhaps worth a read?

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    Thumbs up I've done it.

    It took some time, but I've finally done it.
    Here's the link that helped me out: Creating A Custom Malloc() And Free() In C - C And C++ | Dream.In.Code

    Thanks again to everyone who posted!

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