Thread: Need help Debugging (ADT)

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    So how about you start checking your values before you start trying to use them?
    void insertBeforeFirst(ListRef L, int data){
      NodeRef temp= newNode(data);
      if(L== NULL){
        printf("Queue Error: called insertBeforeFirst() on NULL ListRef\n");
      if(isEmpty(L)){ L->head= L->tail= temp; }
        temp->next = L->head;
        L->head->prev= temp;
        L->head= temp;
    Check to see that ->head exits before you start trying to access its members. Never assume a pointer points somewhere valid. It's obvious it doesn't, since your debugger is telling you it doesn't.

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    If this is a legitimate debugging session, then this would appear to be the first time you've inserted anything in the list -- yet the isEmpty test comes out false. Is this actually the first thing you are inserting in the list?

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