Thread: need to see if C program is already running in UNIX

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    Unhappy need to see if C program is already running in UNIX

    My C program in UNIX can be triggered multiple times, but I want only the first one to run completely, while others coming out seeing that already an instance is running. Please help me to achieve this.

    I was trying with getenv() and putenv(), but i am not having my variables in UNIX.


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    A simple way to do this would be to have your application look for a particular file in the /tmp directory. If it exists, exit. If it doesn't, create it and continue on. The application must remove the temporary file before completing.
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    I just wrote a function to do this.

    I used popen("ps -A", "r")
    then read each line and used strstr to search for the command name.

    Input for the function is the command name,
    Output is the number of instances of the executable

    I also wrote another function to get the command name based on a pid. So my call looks like:
    if(exeRunning(exeName(getpid())) > 1) exit(0);

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