Thread: is calloc also contiguous like malloc

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    is calloc also contiguous like malloc

    hey guys, a certain thread confused me saying that
    malloc allocates memory contiguously but
    calloc DOES NOT allocate memory contiguously
    Is that correct ?

    I tried writing this program and deduced that CALLOC IS ALSO CONTIGUOUS
    int main(void)
     char* ptrm;
     char* ptrc;
     int i=0;
     printf("\nCalloced" );
     printf("\nMalloced ");
     return 0;
    Please correct me.

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    Malloc and calloc both request memory from the heap in chunks. Calloc () is functionally equivalent to:
    p = malloc(m*n);
    memset(p, 0, m*n);
    I am not sure what thread you are talking about with this contiguous allocation difference thing, but that thread would be wrong. Both functions allocate a chunk of memory from the heap. That's it, calloc just simply attempts to initialize that memory to all bits zero.

    Note that memory to all bits zero does not mean that it will initialize all values to zero. This is one of the reasons calloc isn't widely used. For more information on this I suggest reading:
    Calloc ()
    Null confusion

    EDIT: Please read this fact on casting malloc (Hint:same thing applies for calloc)
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