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    Question Unknown error Xcode

    I'm attempting at just writing a standard(very standard) application the code( C-programming compiled in Xcode) is error free except for one build error:

    ld: duplicate symbol _main in /Users/jasonbillings/Desktop/TestProject/build/ and /Users/jasonbillings/Desktop/TestProject/build/

    Command /Developer/usr/bin/gcc-4.2 failed with exit code 1

    Ive tried everything to get rid of the error I dont know if it's Xcode or me heres the code i wrote its very standard
    #include <stdio.h>
    int subtract ( int this_year, int your_age );
    int main ( )
    	int this_year ;
    	int your_age ;
    	char your_name ;
    	printf( " Welcome player please enter your name " ) ;
    	scanf( "%s", &your_name ) ;
    	printf( "Welcome your_name now please enter your age" ) ;
    	scanf( "%d", &your_age) ;
    	printf( "Now please enter the year" ) ;
    	scanf( "%d", &this_year ) ;
    	printf( "your_name, was born in %d\n", subtract ( this_year, your_age) ) ;
    	getchar() ;
    int subtract ( int this_year, int your_age )
    return this_year - your_age ;
    If any idea please post

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    A quick Google search of "ld: duplicate symbol _main" turned up the following results:"ld%3A+duplicate+symbol+_main"+xcode

    The first result is a Stack Overflow article that may help you out:
    iphone - Xcode duplicate symbol _main . - Stack Overflow

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    You're trying to squeeze a string (aka an array of characters) into a single character.

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