Thread: 2 - D arrays & pointers

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    2 - D arrays & pointers

    Here is a code snippet :

    int a[2][2] = {
                        {7, 12},
                        {2, 7} 
    printf("\n%u %u %u", a + 1, *(a + 1), a[1]);
    All 3 would return the same value i.e., address of 1th 1 - D array.

    As far as I know, when the compiler encounters a reference to 2 - D array, in this case, for instance, 'a' it decays to int (*a)[2]. When I say a + 1, it moves to 1th 1 - D array, but when I say *(a + 1), instead of giving the output 2, it again gives me the address & not the value because all that is happening by saying *(a + 1) is, that it is being converted from pointer to array to just a pointer. Is that right ?

    The book I referred, seems to have a vague explanation, so I just need to confirm.

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    *(a + 1) is equivalent to a[1], so let's consider a[1]. Wait, there's not much to consider: it is just the element at index 1 for a, i.e., an array of 2 ints, which is convertible to a pointer to int.
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