Thread: find home path of C Environment

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    find home path of C Environment

    Hey, is there a function/call in c in windows to find the place from where your C-Development Environment is running.
    For example, (in case of Turbo-c), MOSTLY it is
    Can i find this from within the program and output to a string or something ???

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    Under linux, you can use getenv() in stdlib.h to retrieve the environment variable "HOME". But I don't know whether it works under windows.

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    Generally, no.

    Turbo C does not. Other than a couple of macros to identify you are using a Turbo (or Borland) compiler, and version number, there doesn't tend to be a way to retrieve detailed information about the installation (for example, installation directory).

    Some other compilers provide predefined macros (or similar - the words may vary) that can be used to identify the compiler and installation details. If your compiler supports such features, it will be listed in the documentation for your compiler.
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    Also, even finding out can do more harm than good; knowing that your IDE is running in some particular location means nothing about where your program is going to be running from (the whole point is that programs are separate beasts, and aren't run from the IDE, right?) -- so unless your question is "my program works when I run it from the IDE, but not when I run it from the command-line/double-clicking, and I want to know what path the IDE uses when it runs my program" then you probably just don't want to know.

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