Thread: How to get code to use printer

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    How to get code to use printer

    Hello, I am doing a little hobby project and i am making a program that reads a table of data and the program will then ask for specific keywords to pick out specific rows of the data then print all of this data selected is written to a file. I know to do all of this i think but then i want the program to call the printer and print the file.

    How could i achieve this? I am a beginner for the most part so try to make it simple if possible

    Thanks in advance

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    Get the program working so that you can send what you need to a file first, and once you have that working, think about printing.

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    When you've done what quzah suggested, you should look into Win32 API (MSDN is your friend, here) if you're on Windows or CUPS (I think?) if you're on *nix.
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