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    missing type definition

    Dear all,
    I generated C code from function block diagram, in which I see the following lines

    extern int32 *BF_ANA;
    extern uchar *BF_BOO;

    #define _SCC_FZPF_ID0200314_OUT2_VA 0X0413
    #define _SCC_MYAVFBD_OUT2 0X0411
    #define _SCC_MYAVFBD_OUT1 0X05FB
    #define _SCC_FZPF_ID0200314_OUT1_VA 0X05FF


    I suppose BF_ANA and BF_BOO have been defined in some other header files which is not given out after code generation. Can someone help me how to define these items?

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    What do you expect us to do with snippets of meaningless symbols generated by some auto code generation tool?

    Well you could do
    int32 *BF_ANA = malloc( pickHoweverManyYouNeed * sizeof(*BF_ANA) );

    Or perhaps your model is wrong, if it's emitting declarations for things, without the definitions.
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    BF_ANA and BF_BOO would be defined in source files, not headers.
    It is too clear and so it is hard to see.
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