Thread: issue about multitheading

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    issue about multitheading

    dear all,

    are there any possibilities that one thread crash without crashing the whole program. In my opinion this is not possible as multiple threads are still sharing same resources. am i right here?

    if it is possible what kind of error/fault it will be?


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    Well, considering threading is not part of the C standard, this really depends on your OS and thread library. It also depends on what you mean by "thread crash". I'm running CentOS 5.6 with the pthread library, and a seg fault in one thread took down the whole process. A small buffer overflow that causes a problem in one thread may or may not cause problems in another thread or the process as a whole. The error type for the program will probably be same as the error type for the thread, but your best bet is to write a small test program to produce the error you're concerned with in a single thread, and see how it affects the other threads and the process as a whole.

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    Simply put; Any error that will terminate a singlethreaded application will do the same for a multithreaded one.
    By the way, if you're worried about crashes your OS might have some form of exception handling you can use. I know windows does and I'm guessing linux does to.
    Depending on the reasons for the error it might not be safe to just ignore it and continue, but it will at least let you exit with an error message explaining that something went wrong instead of just crashing the app.

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