Thread: gotta help me with my c prog

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    gotta help me with my c prog

    i need help witn my c programm

    sup guys need alil help with my c programm ..My poor progie is acting kinda weird might be a
    programming error by me .. well if the Nbalance is
    greater than the limit it should print whats in the if () statment
    I used borland C compiler

    #include <stdio.h>

    int main()
    int act, cnt;
    float balance, Tcharge, Tcredit, limit, Nbalance;

    while ( cnt != -1 ) {
    printf("\nEnter account number (-1 to end ):");
    scanf("%d", &act);
    if ( act == -1)
    printf("\nEnter beginning balance: ");
    scanf("%d", &balance);
    printf("\nEnter total charge: ");
    scanf("%d", &Tcharge);
    printf("\nEnter total credits: ");
    scanf("%d", &Tcredit);
    printf("\nEnter credit limit: ");
    scanf("%d", &limit);
    if ( Nbalance > limit ){
    printf("Acount: %d\n", act);
    printf("Credit limit: %d\n", limit);
    printf("Balance: %d\n",Nbalance);
    Nbalance = balance + Tcharge - Tcredit;
    printf("\nCredit Limit Exceeded");


    return 0;

    Hey guys one more thing plz compile it and check my programm if its working properlly that way u will know what wrong with it c ya ...


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    1) Learn how to form correct sentences (and words). No one wants to read that butchered typing.

    2) How about you actually give a value to 'Nbalance' before you use it? That might be a good idea, huh? Nbalance has no value. Actually it does, but it's some random arbitrary number since you have fallen into one of the most basic traps for newbies: You're using a variable without initializing it. This is a "BadThing(TM)".

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    also by the looks of it your while statement
    while ( cnt != -1 )
    should me
    while ( act != -1 )

    and just to make sure it goes in there (as quzah said) the vale of act could possibly be -1, no way to no so you should set it to 0 or some value before the while statement.

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    I answered your question in a previous post, please don't start a new thread with the same question. If I'm thinking of someone else, please accept my appologies, but I'm pretty sure this is the same program.

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