Thread: Using "new" in C++ vs array[123] or *array = malloc(123)

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    Using "new" in C++ vs array[123] or *array = malloc(123)

    Sorry if this is an easy question, but I don't know anything about C++ and have been dabbling with some libraries written in C++.

    Is there any difference between these statements?

    uint8_t mybuffer[100]; //C
    uint8_t *mybuffer = new uint8_t[100]; //C++

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    Yes... one works in C the other does not.

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    And of course the type of mybuffer would be different in each case; the second one will necessarily use extra storage (since you'll have the storage for the pointer plus the 100 uint8_t elements); it is your responsibility to clean up the memory in the second case with delete[], while the system will take care of the first one for you.

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    Yes there is. Use the first one when possible.
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