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    Question precedence problem

    # include <stdio.h>
    int main()
    int i=-3,j=2,k=0,m;
    m=++i || (++j && ++k) ;
    printf("%d %d %d %d\n",i,j,k,m);
    return 0 ; 
    Output: -2 2 0 1

    why not expression (++j && ++k) is executing.Precedence of ( ) is higher than || (even though left hand side of OR is TRUE).

    Please clear my doubt.

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    Recall the short circuit evaluation of the || and && operators.

    Also, note that precedence is about grouping, not order of evaluation, even though they are sometimes related.
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    What laserlight said. Also, logical || and && operators introduce a sequence point: Sequence point - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Due to this, the left side is always fully evaluated and all side effects settled out before the right side is touched.

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    And anyone that would use code like that in a production environment would be shot at dawn.

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