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    Red face the game of life

    hello i'm a beginner in c programing and i have a problem with the game of life when i enter input on the side of the board can you locate the problems?

    thank you for helping
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    I would take a look at the following little gem I happened to stumble upon:

    Tips for Efficient and Successful Posting

    1. Don't use all caps.

    2. Use descriptive subject lines. Do not put URGENT!, or NEED HELP NOW, etc. in your title; it will not make people look at it any faster. Doing this makes many old time helpers on this board not look at the post at all.

    3. When posting code, do not post your entire program if you only need help with one function. Post as little as possible. People are much more likely to read small amounts of code and help you, than they are to read a hundred lines of code.

    4. Use code tags whenever you are posting code more than a line or two in length. More information on code tags can be found on the sticky on top of all forums (except the General Discussion board).

    5. For maximum response results, try to Ask Questions the Smart Way.

    A list of who our moderators are may be found here.

    If you have any questions please feel free to PM or e-mail me at .

    Thank you, Kermi3 Lead Moderator

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