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    bcc conversion

    <<< Split from borland C++ 4.52 >>>
    [QUOTE=jimblumberg;1028766]Actually Borland C++ Version 4.52 is a 32 bit program and can produce 32 bit Windows programs. This compiler is an ANSI C compiler with support for most, but not all of the C89 ISO standard. ]

    Do you have substantial experience with Borland C++ Version 4.52? I am trying to migrate from 16 bit to 32 bit. Under 32 bit linking using tlink32 (Borland C++ 4.52) I get this error: " Unresolved external '__ hardretn' referenced from module tdrvtst.c (see link below to view this file) whereas under 16 bit linking using tlink, I do not get this error. Obviously, 32 bit does not support '__ hardretn.'


    In win32 command line, am I using (see steps below) the right parameters for compiling and linking (example om.c; mb... files are library files from a third party; all others came with Borland C++ 4.5)? I use MB86, which converts Cbasic .bas to C code for compiling and linking with BC45.

    step 1 MB86 OM -WS(023)
    step 2: bcc32 -c -r- -w- -WC OM.c
    step 3: tlink32 -Tpe -ap c0x32 om,om.exe,,mbsup56b mbutl56b mb32i56b import32.lib cw32i
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    Since _harderr is a DOS hardware error handler prototyped in dos.h I would say that this is only available for DOS programs. And since DOS was 16 bit I doubt that it will work for a 32 bit program. Most of the functions provided by the dos.h and bios.h header files were only available for 16 bit programs.


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