Thread: divide by zero

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    divide by zero

    void main()
      int i=60;int j=0;
    this code was compiled with gcc 4.4.5 on Ubuntu, on execution an error message was thrown as "Floating point exception" But on changing datatype of j to float it produced "inf". I m not able to understand why it is not working same with j as int.

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    "inf" is defined as part of the IEEE float standard. IEEE 754-2008 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    in other words the "inf" is not part of an int computer number standard.

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    Because for IEEE floating point numbers, dividing a regular number by 0 yeilds inf.

    For integers, dividing by 0 generally causes an interrupt. There is no standard result that is used.
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    If your compiler supports IEEE floating point, dividing by zero gives a "special" infinite value.

    The C standard does not actually require that floating point values be represented using IEEE standard formats. There are real compilers that do not use IEEE formats (and I remember using one compiler that only used IEEE floating point if enabled using a command line switch).

    Dividing by zero gives undefined behaviour according to the C standard. Which means any result is acceptable (reporting inf, crashing, etc). There is also no requirement for consistent behaviour between types.
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