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    RPN Calculator


    I'm in the process of building a RPN calculator, but I am confused about how to store data from the user. If you take a look at the attachment picture, you will understand what I mean:

    RPN Calculator-rpncalcinfo-jpg

    The Hints: section wants me to use the following code to read operators and operands:

    scanf("%c", &ch);
    If I'm entering long data, how is that possible?

    Enter an RPN expression: 1 2 3 * + =
    I would appreciate any help.

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    You're not entering long data in your example. 1, 2, 3, *, + are all single characters and can be read quite easily using %c. If you wanted to allow two-digit numbers, then things might get a little interesting; but even then, you'd probably want to read one character at a time.

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    The hint says to use scanf(" %c", &ch);. Note the space.
    It is too clear and so it is hard to see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by King Mir View Post
    The hint says to use scanf(" %c", &ch);. Note the space.
    Aha, I missed that space! I will try to work it out, thanks.

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    You need to insert each char (it'll be ASCII - convert to a number) into an array (the array is used as the stack) and process this array of numbers whenever you receive an operator (*, / etc) instead of a number.

    Seems the examples in the attached assume single-digit numbers with no use of an "enter" key (or its equivalent). Not sure if that's part of your requirements?

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    Okay, I've gotten this far:

    //** Include Files ******************************************************
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    //** Defines ************************************************************
    #define		STACK_SIZE		100
    //** External Variables *************************************************
    int contents[STACK_SIZE];
    int main()
    	int i, j;
    	char ch;
    	printf("Enter integer: "); 
    	i = 0;
    		scanf(" %c", &contents[i]);
    		printf("You entered %c \r\n", contents[i]);
    	}while(contents[i++] != '0');
    	for(j = i; j >= 0; j--)
    		printf("contents[%d] = %c \r\n", j, contents[j]);
    Notice that I use a 0 char to terminate the loop, but there is a flaw in doing that: what if I have a 0 in the middle of my data? I tried a null, but that doesn't seem to work.
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    The example in the picture is using a q not a 0 to terminate the loop.

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