Thread: NULL returns every time?

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    NULL returns every time?


    I have a code which takes some arrays and pointers for a linked list but returns every time NULL for head. I couldn't find a solution for it.

    Can you help me about this?


    (I added my function)

    int read_score(struct all_answers *curr, struct all_answers *head_t, struct all_answers *tail, int pick[], int guess[]){
      pm_unit pm_unit_0;
      pm_unit_0 = score(pick, guess);
      printf("%d %d %d %d %d %d => +%d -%d\n", count, guess[0], guess[1], guess[2], guess[3], guess[4],, pm_unit_0.minus);
      answer[5] =; answer[6] = pm_unit_0.minus;
      answer[0] = guess[0]; answer[1] = guess[1]; answer[2] = guess[2]; answer[3] = guess[3]; answer[4] = guess[4];
      curr = (struct all_answers *)malloc(sizeof(struct all_answers));
      curr->answer_list[6] = answer[6];
      curr->answer_list[5] = answer[5];
      curr->answer_list[4] = answer[4];
      curr->answer_list[3] = answer[3];
      curr->answer_list[2] = answer[2];
      curr->answer_list[1] = answer[1];
      curr->answer_list[0] = answer[0];
      printf("curr->answer_list[4]: %d\n", curr->answer_list[4]);
      if(head_t == NULL){
        printf("NULL returned inside read_score for head\n");
        head_t = curr;
        curr->prev = NULL;
        if(head_t == NULL)
        printf("head returned NULL after assignment\n");
        tail->next = curr;
        curr->prev = tail;
      tail = curr;
      curr->next = NULL;
      printf("tail->answer_list[4]: %d\n", tail->answer_list[4]);
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    You cannot pass anything to a function and expect to change that thing's value. You have to use a pointer to that type. So if you want your function to fill up the head pointer if it's NULL, then you need a pointer to that type:
    void fill( struct foo **x )
        if( x )
            *x = malloc( ... );
    struct foo *head = NULL;
    foo( &head );
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    If you want the head to change (and likewise the tail), you need to pass a pointer to a pointer.

    void foo ( int **p, int *q ) {
      *p = q;
    int main ( ) {
      int myInt;
      int *p = NULL;
      foo( &p, &myInt );
      return 0;
    Passing head (by value, as you are at the moment) means your local changes inside the function do NOT affect the caller.

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