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    I wonder if somebody could help me out.

    If I write this:

    char *a, b, c;

    only a is a pointer to char, b and c are just variables.

    However if I do this:
    typedef char* STRING;

    and then I do this:
    STRING a, b, c;

    this is then equivalent to:
    char *a, *b, *c;

    that is three pointers to char. I tested this out to confirm this. I just can't
    understand why all three variables above end up as pointers.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Because a typedef is not dumb text substitution (unlike a macro, which isn't completely dumb, but still more like it). STRING is an alias for char*, so the variables declared are all of type char*.
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    You defined STRING as character pointer.

    You then defined a,b and c as type STRING. Which equals a character pointer.

    Much the same way going int a,b,c; defines a,b,c as integer variables.

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    Thanks laserlight, now I understand.

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