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    Smile Need Help in Handling Multiple Files

    Hi Guys. I want to Write A Program by Which I can Add my NAME in end of All ".txt" Files Present in a Folder. If i know the name of the .txt file(s) then its easy by using fopen(). But how to Open all the files for appending when I don't Know the name of any File Which is Present in that Folder..???
    I drop the IDEA of Finding the Names First and Then appending.. because it increases the Complexity of The Program..
    Need Help. ^_^
    OS: Windows XP
    Compiler: BC++
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    Ok... you will need to use #include <windows.h> and look up the usage of
    SetCurrentDirectory(), FindFirstFile() , FindNextFile() and FindClose() on msdn.

    There is an example here...

    This will let you get the file names from a single folder one at a time so you can do your thing on them...

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