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    Smile Creating a game

    I have written the majority of the game - just having huge problems with the enemies movements.

    Lets say i have two circles at different positions on the screen, and I want them to move in the yaxis between two points (at the same time (they have different x coordinates)) I want this to happen automatically without any keys being pressed.
    I have a stick man whos position can change via keyboard inputs on the x axis as well as being able to jump so I think i need to use kbhit != 0 but I keep trying code without any sucess, an example of how to do this would be really helpful.

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    This rather depends on how your main loop is running. If you have blocking input, then naturally the program will block there waiting for input. If you are using a more normal main loop where you process input via messages, then you can move the enemies as part of that main loop.

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    Post your code, maybe we can help....

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