Thread: Make node code - right?

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    Make node code - right?

    Node *MakeNode(StackE item)  
      Node *nptr;
      if( (nptr = malloc ( sizeof nptr) ) != NULL)     
            nptr = item;     
            return item;
                    return NULL;
    the structs for this are:
    typedef int StackE;
    typedef struct node{
    StackEntry entry;
    struct node *next;

    Returns: NULL if out of memory; otherwise a ptr to enough memory to hold a Node, with that node set to correct value(s), ready to be put on stack


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    typedef int StackE;
    Node *MakeNode (StackE item)
    Node *nptr = NULL;
    if (nptr = malloc (sizeof (Node)))
       nptr->entry = item;
    return nptr;
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