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    Mutex question

    I'm writing a C program with mutex where I need to use the function pthread_mutex_destroy(). Searching on google I read that when this function is called by the thread that has the lock, all others threads that asked for the lock will receive an EDESTROYED error. I tried this on my program but the compiler tells me that EDESTROYED is wrong. Maybe I must import some library containing this error code? I tried to search but I didn't find anything about where EDESTROYED is defined. Can you help me?
    Thanks in advance!

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    You were misinformed by Google. Read the man page for pthread_mutex_destoy():

    A destroyed mutex object can be reinitialized using pthread_mutex_init(); the results of otherwise referencing the object after it has been destroyed are undefined.
    Undefined behavior means it could do anything from silently fail to cause a seg fault and crash your program.

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