Thread: create new folder based on argv[]... not working

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    create new folder based on argv[]... not working

    im trying to create a new folder to store other folders containing data that has the same name of an input string to main.

    sprintf(file_name, "/cygdrive/c/Dev-Cpp/%s", argv[1]);
    file = fopen(file_name, "rb");     //open the .fti file
    if (file == NULL) {
    		printf("Unable to open .fti file.\n\n");
    ignore the fact that im opening a file contained within dev-cpp directory but running netbeans lol. I fopen a file based on an input in the command prompt. I then want to use this in the following code to create a directory of folders that is contained within a folder that has the name of the original input in the command prompt... i hope its clear.

        sprintf(new_folder, "/cygdrive/c/Netbeans/Mnemosine/output/%s/%s",argv[1], fti_parameter);
        mkdir(new_folder, "S_IRWXU" );
    anyway i can create the folders but i cannot create the single folder that contains these folders.. the program runs without errors but no folder is created. can people check my code and see if there are errors or mistakes and provide help.. thanks

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           int mkdir(const char *path, mode_t mode);
    mkdir() don't want string as 2nd argument. and check return value.

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    > mkdir(new_folder, "S_IRWXU" );
    Are you getting any compiler warnings for trying to pass a string as the 2nd parameter here?

    Also, mkdir() does NOT create hierarchies. You have to make each new nested subdir directly
        sprintf(new_folder, "/cygdrive/c/Netbeans/Mnemosine/output/%s",argv[1]);
        mkdir(new_folder, S_IRWXU);
        sprintf(new_folder, "/cygdrive/c/Netbeans/Mnemosine/output/%s/%s",argv[1], fti_parameter);
        mkdir(new_folder, S_IRWXU );
    Also, mkdir() returns a success/fail, and updates errno - it might be a good idea to check these as well, before posting "it doesn't work".
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    firstly i apologise... i know i should spend more time checking details myself instead of asking these questions. I am short on time and only started learning C a few months ago so i am trying to learn and do a lot in a short space of time for a project, so i am using these boards as a timesaver (at the moment, soon i will be finished and have time to learn properly for myself instead of for the project)... i know its not ideal.

    thanks for the information, you are right. I also did get warnings like you said

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    Don't be afraid to experiment.

    (great advice, in my humble opinion)
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