Thread: parallel port programming

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    parallel port programming

    i'm using win xp.i need a simple c++ program in the topic "parallel port programming".please help me...

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    Okay. First, this is the C forum. C != C++. Second, if you want a sample program, try Googling for one. We don't hand out code here. It says that in the forum guidelines, which I'm guessing you didn't read. Lastly, it usually helps for problems like this if you tell us what compiler you're using, as certain library functions may or may not be available.

    So, go do some Googling, try writing it yourself, and come back when you're really stuck, not lazy stuck (as Tater would say).

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    Quote Originally Posted by anduril462 View Post
    C != C++
    Hehe, that one is false!
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    > i'm using win xp
    Yeah, and I've done a lookup of your IP address, and it would appear to be in India.
    So my next guess is that you're using that ancient fossil known as TurboC.

    If you are a TC user, and you're NOT willing to upgrade to a compiler which is compatible with your OS, there is nothing we can do here. You would need to find a "retro" programming board to get support for that old compiler.

    Here are some modern (and free) compilers to choose from
    Microsoft Express Downloads - Visual Studio Express and SQL Server Express
    smorgasbordet - Pelles C
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