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    Post Problem in Union Array program

    I created my first union program and now I am not able to complete it. It shows no error.

    In outpur window, I cant see the name, there is random symbol at place of name.

    HRA and total is showing wrong.

    Any hint?

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    int main()
        union salary
            char name[20];
            int age, bas, da, hra, tot;
        } s[2];
        int i;
            printf("Enter Name");
            printf("\n Enter Age");
            printf("\n Enter Basic Salary");
        printf("\n \t \t \t \t ABC LTD");
        printf("\n \t \t \t \t Jaipur");
        printf("\n -------------------------");
        printf("\n Salary Sheet");
        printf("\n -------------------------");
        printf("\n S. no \t Name \t Age \t Basic \t DA \t HRA \t Total");
        int a;
            printf("\n %d",a+1);
            printf("\t %s",s[a].name);
            printf("\t %d",s[a].age);
            printf("\t %d",s[a].bas);
            printf("\t %d",s[a].da);
            printf("\t %d",s[a].hra);
            printf("\t %d",s[a].tot);
        printf("\n ------------------------");
        return 0;

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    That's because you need to be using a struct, not a union - if you want to store ALL the members.

    A union stores only ONE member at once.
    union foo {
      char name[100];
      int age;
    } foovar;
    strcpy(, "hello" );
    printf("%s\n", );
    // do NOT attempt to use foovar.age
    // Then later on
    foovar.age = 42;
    printf("%d\n", foovar.age );
    // do NOT attempt to use
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    What you need in this case is a struct, not a union.

    In a struct your variables are stored one after another and thus can keep separate values.
    In a union your variables are piled one on top of the other and cannot keep separate values.

    Simply change the word union to the word struct... you,ll see the difference right away.

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    worked. Thanks guys.

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