Thread: Scanning strings into both 2D & 3D arrays from one line of txt ALL AT ONCE

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    Scanning strings into both 2D & 3D arrays from one line of txt ALL AT ONCE

    alright so the goal is to open a file scan in the lines and have the user edit various aspects of each section starting with lines similar to:

    Ball David Tucson 52000
    Doe Oscar Tucson Phoenix 12225.89
    Miller Janet SanDiego 120000

    in which a lastname, firstname, and city character array will be declared and utilized, along with a int digit array.

    however as seen above the city section of each line can contain up to 3 cities, therefor an idea of a 3D array (EXAMPLE: cities[MAX][3][15]) came to mind, in which the MAX lines of txt will be scanned into 3 different sections with 15 characters a section, rather than a 2D array for the last and first names, etc.

    trouble: running a two 'for' loops at the same time to scan one line of txt into both 2D arrays and 3D arrays...and if not all 3 cities are there, then skipping the remaining city entrys and scanning into the int array for the totals.

    ANY IDEAS???
    tanks in advance

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    Yep... sit down with pen and paper and figure it out step by step... become the process... then when you understand the problem, you can start working on a solution... be the program! Then once you understand the problem and have a workable solution, figure out which functions, variables etc. you need and start writing code...

    If you get stuck --really stuck, not lazy stuck-- post your code here (in code tags please) and we'll see what we can do.

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    I suggest using a structure to represent a single line of data.
    I see no need for a 3D array, I would not even use an 2D array (This is counting an array of C-string as a single D array; it is technically a 2D array.)
    I would use two single D arrays.

    One to hold the cites for one person inside the structure.
    An second to hold the structures for all the people.

    Tim S.
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    alright so each line of txt was changed whereby:

    Ball David 52000 Tucson
    Doe Oscar 12225.89 Tucson Phoenix
    Talley Stephen 181250.50 Seattle Tacoma

     FILE *fpx;
            fpx = fopen("salesData", "r");
            if (fpx==NULL) {
                    printf("File not Opened!\n");
            for (i=0; i<MAX; ++i) {
                    fscanf(fpx, "%s %s %lf %s %s %s", lastname[i], firstname[i], &digits[i], city1[i], city2[i], city3[i]);
    i kinda understand your concept of a 1D array, yet how would that work for the character arrays, givin a MAX number of lines, each holding 15 characters.

    with the code above...if one line only has 1 city, the other cities start scanning the next line!

    THUS: How do you get the 'for' loop to terminate after that line has no more cities or reaches the max amount of 3 cities?????

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