Thread: chapter 4 K&R, getch() and ungetch()

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    chapter 4 K&R, getch() and ungetch()

    Hi, i have problem with these functions: getch() and ungetch(), pag 67 english 2 version K&R.
    #define BUFSIZE 100
    char buf[BUFSIZE];     /* buffer for ungetch */
    int bufp = 0;          /* next free position in buf */
    int getch(void) /* get a (possibly pushed-back) character */
        return (bufp > 0) ? buf[--bufp] : getchar();
    void ungetch(int c)    /* push character back on input */
        if (bufp >= BUFSIZE)
             printf("ungetch: too many characters\n");
             buf[bufp++] = c;
    I do not post the entire code of the polish notation calculator, i assume you already know.
    What i have understood is:
    when getch is called, if the chars counter bufp is > 0, then return the prevoius char buf[--bufp], else call getchar(), this id done to not get back the wrong char, for example a non-digit;
    when ungetch is called it stores the characters in the array buf[buf++].
    I would be grateful if someone can explain how these functions work, with an example.
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    The first function reads like this:
    if there is a character already in buf
        move the counter back one and then
        return the character that was in the buffer's last used spot
        get a character using getchar
    The other one just checks to see if the buffer is full, and if it isn't, puts a character in it, updating the position of the end of the buffer.

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