Thread: C noob needs help with reading words from a file and printing them with a word count

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    C noob needs help with reading words from a file and printing them with a word count

    Hello, this is my first post here. I know literally no one else that can help me.

    I'm trying to read the words from a file and printing them out along with the number of the word. For example - if the file said "Hello my name is Meelad" the output would look like this

    Hello 1
    my 2
    name 3
    is 4
    Meelad 5

    This is my code :

    int make_dictionary(char *fname)
    	FILE *fp;                                                         /* File open* */
    	fp = fopen(fname, "r");
    	char c;                                                           /* Variable for getc() */
    	char phrase[101];                                                 /* String holder */
    	int wordcount = 1;                                                /* Word counter */
    	int i;                                                            /* Character counter */
    	if( fp == NULL )
            printf( "Oops! Could not open the file %s\n", fname );
    	for(i = 0; (c = getc(fp)) != EOF; i++)
            if( c == EOF )
    			break;                                                     /* End of file! */
            else if(isalpha(c) != 0)
    			phrase[i] = c;
    			printf("%s", phrase);
    			printf(" %d\n", wordcount);
    		else if(isalpha(c) == 0)
    			phrase[i] = '\0';
    			i = 0;
    	return wordcount;
    int main()
    	return 0;
    My output is far different, it's posting special characters and I don't know why because, as I said before, am a C noob. If this is breaking any of the rules, let me know.

    Edit: This is a homework assignment, but this is just a small portion of it that I can't get to work correctly.

    Edit2: I'm also not sure about what to do when there's multiple non alphabetic characters in a row.

    Edit3: I think I may have found out the answer. Sorry if this is spam now, I can't find out how to delete the post :\
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    Edit 4: Please make up your mind!

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