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    While loop trouble

    I am writing a simple C program using a while loop to enter numbers to a file. I'm very new to this so please don't say it's obvious.

    #include <conio.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
    	int neilsdata[5];
    	int val, pos;
    	FILE *neilfile;
    	int cont = 1;
    	char contch;
    	// open file
    	if( ( neilfile = fopen( "vals", "wb" ) ) == NULL )
    		printf("Couldn't create file\n");
    		exit( -1 );
    	// write data to file
    	while ( cont==1 )
    		printf("Enter a value\n");
    		scanf("%d", &val);
    		fwrite( &val, sizeof val, 10, neilfile );
    		printf("Do you want another value\n");
    		scanf("%d", &contch);
    		if( contch == "y" )
    			cont = 1;
    			cont = 0;
    	fclose( neilfile );
    	// read in same file
    	// open file
    	if( ( neilfile = fopen( "vals", "rb" ) ) == NULL )
    		printf("Couldn't open file\n");
    		exit( -1 );
    	fread( &val, sizeof val, 1, neilfile );
    	while( !feof( neilfile ) )
    		printf (&val, "\n");
    		fread( &val, sizeof val, 1, neilfile );
    	fclose( neilfile );
    After taking one value and entering y/n it just throws a whole line of unhelpful characters and ends there. Something with the loop, or the scan command?

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    Use the "%c" format specifier to read individual characters, not "%d". Since an int is larger than a char, by using %d your code is merrily tromping the memory adjacent to contch - which is a recipe for trouble. Also when scanf() sees a letter (which is not a valid part of a number) it leaves it in the stream, and loops forever - tromping memory repeatedly.

    I'm surprised your code even compiled, given that you are evaluating (contch == "y"). Use single quotes (to represent a single char value) not double quotes (which delimit strings of multiple char).

    Unrelated to the above, later on in your code, you loop on !feof(neilfile). Have a poke through FAQs here to learn why that is a bad idea.
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    Look at the %d scanf format and the type of the variable contch.

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