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    issue reading in text

    I'm trying to read in lines of text from a file. The line will be formatted in one of three ways. It will either be just a character, a character and one string or a character and two strings. Everything is separated by white space. I am using the command:
    int tmp = fscanf(in, " %c %79[^\n]s %79[^\n]s", &code, arg2, arg3);
    I am having an issue when there are three lines with only a single character, it is read in as a single character. Also there is an issue when there is only a character and one string on the line. Can I use a single fscanf() command to read in line of text like this?

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    ^\n means "read everything except a newline". You should just use fgets and then do sscanf:
    howmany = sscanf( buf, "%c %s %s", &letter, buf1, buf2 );
    Check to see howmany things you just read.

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    " %c %79[^\n]s %79[^\n]s"
    Depending on your platform, that still will not work even when fixed by adding the other spacing characters to the ignore list. So, don't go around trying to fix it, just grab the line and parse from there as quzah said.

    A remarkable number of implementations will freak out with multiple uses of the set option in the same call to `scanf', but break the uses into multiple calls to `scanf' and you'll be fine.

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