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    Access Violation

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    Hey mike65535,

    I'm doing exactly the same exercise as Kiera89, I was getting the same sort of errors until I restarted the compiler. After that it worked fine, so then I tried hacking apart the code to make it do different things.

    I know little or nothing about C which is why I'm struggling even with the basics.

    I'm trying to create a while loop which allows the user to input a letter to choose the shape that they want.

    This code is a practise for another .exe I need to create, where a user can walk around a house choosing a direction if that direction is available, this is a tester to see if I can figure out how to do that.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    #include <string.h>
    typedef struct{	//Define structure
    unsigned char Type[20];	//Allow names of up to 20 characters
    unsigned int Next, Previous;	//Declare integers to hold the IDs of 
    Shape MyShape[3];//Declare 10 Shape structures
    void main(){
    	strcpy(MyShape[0].Type ,"Square");//Define a Square Shape
    	strcpy(MyShape[1].Type ,"Triangle");//Define a Triangle Shape
    	strcpy(MyShape[2].Type ,"Circle");//Define a Circle Shape
    int n,p,c;
    char Type;
    while(1){			//Loop forever
    		p=MyShape[c].Previous;//Read current Shape's previous neighbour
    		n=MyShape[c].Next;//Read current Shape's next neighbour
    				Type = getch(); 
    					if(Type == 's') printf("Square\n");
    					if(Type == 't') printf("Triangle\n");
    					if(Type == 'c') printf("Circle\n"); 
    					if(Type == 'q') {
    									printf("Closing down Sale..\n");
    		printf("%s is your chosen shape", MyShape[c].Type);
    				//Print chosen shape

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    Just a few things to get this code to compile:
    1. The main function by definition must return an int. You have defined your function as void, and you fail to return anything at the end of the program.
    2. In your struct definition, you should change "unsigned char" to simply "char".
    3. In order to use I/O routines, you need to #include the appropriate library.

    Once you get the program to compile properly, you should be able to better test your algorithm of moving around.


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