Thread: Help with reading a file in C, with fgets()/sscanf()

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    Help with reading a file in C, with fgets()/sscanf()

    I have a text file with 190 lines, that goes something like this:

    Antigua,English,Local dialects
    Costa Rica,Spanish,English
    First field is the country, following fields are the different languages spoken in that country.
    Since some countries have more languages than others, I am stuck trying to read the file using fgets() and sscanf().
    I'm doing this:
    while(i < SIZE && fgets(buffer, 255, fp))
        sscanf(buffer, "%[^,]%*c%[^\n]", holdName, buffer);//read the country first, and keep the rest for the languages 
        /* Here is where I'm lost, I want to read a language, keep the rest of the buffer to repeat until
            the buffer is empty. But obviously I'm doing it wrong */
        while(sscanf(buffer, "%[^,]%*c%[^\n]", holdLang, buffer) != '\n')
    Any help please?
    I have this big program to do, and can't do anything else until I am able to read the whole file.


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    Look into the strtok function. It will basically "break" the string into tokens at whatever characters you specify.

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    Another way is to make use of the %n conversion in scanf
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    int main ( ) {
      char test[] = "Belize,English,Spanish,Mayan,Carib\n";
      int   pos;
      char  *p = test;
      while ( *p ) {
        char word[50];
        printf("Found Word=%s, pos=%d\n",word,pos);
        p += pos;
      return 0;
    $ gcc -W -Wall -ansi -pedantic -O2  bar.c
    $ ./a.out 
    Found Word=Belize, pos=7
    Found Word=English, pos=8
    Found Word=Spanish, pos=8
    Found Word=Mayan, pos=6
    Found Word=Carib, pos=6
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    Thank you very much to both!
    I didnt know about any of those two methods.

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