Thread: [Warning] Passing arg 1 of 'reversed' makes integer from pointer without a cast

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    [Warning] Passing arg 1 of 'reversed' makes integer from pointer without a cast

    I'm not sure what this error means but I know it has something to do with the way I'm passing the string into the function. I'm in my first programming class so forgive me if this is a n00b mistake..

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    int reversed (char string1, char string2);
    void swap (int* ptrA, int* ptrB);
    int main(){
        char word1[20], word2[20];  
        printf("first word");
        scanf("%s", word1);
        printf("second word");
        scanf("%s", word2);
        if (reversed(word1, word2))
           printf("the strings are opposite");
        else printf("the strings are not opposite");
        system ("PAUSE");
        return 0 
    //Pre: string1 is the name read in from the file. string 2 is the name from the 
    //     customer_type array
    //Post:If string1 is reversed and matches string2 1 is returned, if they don't 
    //     match 0 is returned. 
    int reversed (char string1[], char string2[]) {
         int i, len;
         char temp;
         len = strlen(string1);
         for (i = 0; i < len/2; i++) {
             swap (&string1[i], &string1[len-i-1]);
         if (!strcmp(string1, string2); 
            return 1;
             return 0;
    //Pre: ptrA points to a single character in a string while ptrB points to the 
    //     character equally distant from the center and on the other end of the 
    //     string
    //Post:Swaps the value contained in each of the memoory locations. 
    void swap (int* ptrA, int* ptrB) {
         int temp = *ptrA;
         *ptrA = *ptrB;
         *ptrB = temp;

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    > int reversed (char string1, char string2);
    does not match
    > int reversed (char string1[], char string2[])
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    note that &string1[i] is pointer to char not pointer to int - this will cause problems with your swap function
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    except for the problem of too many layers of indirection.
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