Thread: Interative to Recursive help

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    Interative to Recursive help

    How would I convert this iterative function to recursive? (link2 h) is the list.

    void printlist (link2 h) 
     link2 head = h;
     link move;
     int x;
     move = head->front;
     while (move != NULL) 
       x = move->dat;
       printf("%d ", x);
       move = move->next;

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    Decide what information you need to the function. Decide what to do to stop the recursion. Decide what piece you need to pass to the next time through the function. Stick all three of those together and see what you come up with.

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    Quzah's comments were right on. You're evidently using a linked list. How do you know you've reached the end of a linked list when using iteration? The next pointer is NULL. It should come as no surprise that is a logical thing to use as a base case to stop your recursion. The next pointer is also the one thing that "links" the whole linked list together from one node to another. It should be the focus of your quest to answer Quzah's other requirement - deciding what you need to pass to the next recursive call.

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