Thread: help with fgets !!!!!!!!!!

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    help with fgets !!!!!!!!!!

    let say if i have something like this
    typedef struct
    	char states[50];
    	char cities[50];
    	int tempt;
    } INFO;
    there are 2 string in the struct how would i use fgets to read both string at the same time, i know how to read single string using fgets

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    Use scanf()...

    And lose the stupid exclamation marks... 'round here that has exactly the opposite of the desired effect.

    edit: should have been "Use fscanf() " ... sorry.
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    You can use scanf, but it will stop scanning when it reaches a whitespace character. This would be a detriment if you have a state or city name with a space (e.g. "Las Vegas"). fgets is the safer form of gets, as it allows you to specify a maximum number of characters to read. So, to answer your question, take a look at the following:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #define MAX 50
    typedef struct {
        char states[MAX];
        char cities[MAX];
        int tempt;
    } Info_t;
    int main( void )
        Info_t info;
        fgets( info.states, MAX, stdin );
        fgets( info.cities, MAX, stdin );
        scanf( "%d", &info.tempt );
        return 0;
    Note the use of a #define preprocessor macro to set the number of characters to be read - this makes it easy to propagate changes throughout your code.

    Be aware that fgets will retain a newline character, if present. You may need to make accommodations for this in your code.
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