Thread: Adding a node to linked list

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    Adding a node to linked list

    I have a function that is supposed to add a node to a linked list. I'm not sure what the other 2 parts of the for loop are for this. Can anyone help me figure those out? Also, is everything else I have right? Linked lists are pretty new to me so i may have some other mistakes.

    void add_node(info_node **headp, char job_title[25], double wage)
    	info_node *current_node;
    	if (*headp==NULL)
    		*headp=(info_node *)malloc(sizeof(info_node));
    			current_node->linkp=(info_node *)malloc(sizeof(info_node));

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    There are lots of things wrong.

    If you want to walk a linked list all the way through, you write this:

    for ( current_node = *headp; current_node != NULL; current_node = current_node->next )
    Of course, the body of the loop comes later, and certain parts may change, depending on the structure of the list, such as tailp being the tail rather than NULL.

    If you want to add a node to the tail end of the list, you have to move to the last node first. Then you point to the new node in that next pointer, and make the new node's next pointer NULL.

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