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    Post debug assertion failed

    /* This program expects the name of an input file and an output
    file to be given by the user.
          Name : Dang Vo
    	  Date : 04/14/11
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #define NUM_LINE 21
    typedef struct
    	char states[100];
    	char cities[100];
    	int tempt;
    } INFO;
    void getData(FILE *spData, INFO list[]);  
    void insertionSort(INFO list[], int last);
    int main (void)
    // Local Declarations
    FILE *spData = fopen("in.txt", "r");
    INFO list[NUM_LINE];
    // Statements
    getData(spData, list);
    return 0;
    /*========================== getData========================
    Pre: FILE *spData
    Post: FILE *spData 
    // Local Declarations
    int i;  
    void getData(FILE *spData, INFO list[NUM_LINE])
    	if((spData = fopen("in.text", "r")) = NULL)
            printf("Error openning in.txt\n");
    for (i = 0; i < NUM_LINE; i++)
    fscanf(spData,"%s %s %d", list->states, list->cities, list->tempt );
    i have this code here when i try to run it it say debug assertion failed what did i do wrong?

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    if((spData = fopen("in.text", "r")) = NULL)
    Look closely at that line. Not sure if it's directly related to your problem however.
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    Debug assertions usually come with some kind of statement as to what failed, usually in the form of a predicate which evaluated to false.

    assert( str != NULL )

    Aside from the = issue already mentioned, why are you opening the file twice.
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    Ok you've created an array of 21 INFO items...

    INFO list[NUM_LINE];
    Then you call your function...
    void getData(FILE *spData, INFO list[NUM_LINE])
    but you only pass in one item in the array... #21...

    However... You have an array of 21 items. In C arrays start at 0, not 1... so an array with 21 items has valid indexes from 0 to 20... not 1 to 21... thus element 21 is actually out of bounds for the array.

    You need to pass in a pointer...
    void getData(FILE* spData,INFO *list);
    Which you would call as...
    then in your loop you load your array like it's a single struct...
    fscanf(spData,"%s %s %d", list->states, list->cities, list->tempt );
    In this case #21... which is out of bounds.

    The correct notation is more like...
    fscanf(spData,"%99s %99s %d", list[i].states, list[i].cities, list[i].tempt);
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