Thread: Storing values in an array

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    Storing values in an array

    Yes, this is a homework assignment.

    I need to write a program that will store letters in the array named "message": This is a test.

    The program is to copy the data stored in "message" to another array named mess2 and then display the letters in the mess2array.

    I'm not working out of a book, and I DO NOT expect someone to do this assignment for me, I'm just looking for a clearer explanation. Thanks!

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    i love c++ for this..but with c
    ah well, since you know the amount of the string i guess you allocate static memory for mess2
    and you use a for loop, if you're doing strings I assume you've done iteration and conditional flow.
    and with each iteration you had
    assign a character to mess2, remember to leave an index for the null character.
          for(int i;i < N; i++)
                m2[] = m1[];
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    You ended that sentence with a preposition...Bastard!

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    I'm not working out of a book
    Why not? Using a book when first learning gives you examples and explanations.

    Take a look at this link for Arrays and Character sequences.
    They should help explain the basic issues.


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    This will do it very easily...

    C standard library:string.h:strcpy - clc-wiki

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