Thread: File names using a user defined name

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    File names using a user defined name

    I'm a beginner in C and i wrote a function that is supposed to save information to a file, however the file should have different user defined names for multiple users. I asked the user to input their first name before i call the function and then use that first name to name the file. However, as much as I've looked I cannot find it in my notes and nothing I've tried has worked. this is what i have so far

    void dude(char first[10], float mark1, float mark2, float mark3, float mark4, float mark5, float mark6, float mark7, float final)
    FILE *cfPtr;

    cfPtr = fcreate("firstname.txt", "w");//i want the file name to be a first name
    fprintf(cfPtr, "%s\n\n", first);//this is the user's name
    fprintf(cfPtr, "Mark 1 is: %.2f\n", mark1);
    fprintf(cfPtr, "Mark 2 is: %.2f\n", mark2);
    fprintf(cfPtr, "Mark 3 is: %.2f\n", mark3);
    fprintf(cfPtr, "Mark 4 is: %.2f\n", mark4);
    fprintf(cfPtr, "Mark 5 is: %.2f\n", mark5);
    fprintf(cfPtr, "Mark 6 is: %.2f\n", mark6);
    fprintf(cfPtr, "Mark 7 is: %.2f\n", mark7);
    fprintf(cfPtr, "Final is: %.2f\n", final);


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    I'm guessing first[] is the first name of the person. Have you tried something like
    cfPtr = fcreate( first, "w" );

    The file input/output functions work just as well using string variables for the filename as strings enclosed in double quotes.

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    Oh i figured out how to do it i had to make use of sprintf so i could use variable names as a filename. Thanks
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