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    C Code in Xcode

    I have successfully implemented C Code in Apple Xcode IDE, and have created a basic View to display the Results text file which is created by the C Code...
    How ever, I do need some help now...
    The issue:

    Both my C code, and Cocoa code begin by pointing to main()...
    These are in conflict.
    I can get the C code and Cocoa Code to compile and run OK, provided I comment out the other.

    So, how do I integrate my C code into the Xcode environment, and create links to Views, for data entry, and for output presentation?

    I have been browsing a manuals, documents, and tutorials on Xcode, but so far have not been able to sort out what I thought would be a relatively simple issue...


    int main()                                  /* the beginning of my C code */
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])    /* the beginning of the Xcode main.m */
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    I'm sure some here will help you but I'm thinking you'll probably get better answers in an XCode forum.

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    Well you can't have two mains for one thing! One main per executable. You need to create libraries which are then used by the Cocoa application. See here

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