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    Need C Help :(

    I was working on a C program command interpreter where I have to deal with fork and other commands.
    I wrote the program and also initiated the run command in it.
    Now I am not being able to initiate a copy function in it.
    So, please help me with this.
    I have attached my source file.
    If possible, could you make it work?

    here is what I need to do?
    COPY command takes two additional arguments, the source(file to be copied) and the destination(file to be created).
    The syntax is
    COPY source destination

    Algorithm is:
    Open the source file for input
    Open the destination file for output
    For each character in the source file
    Read the character from the source
    Write the character to destination
    Close the source file
    Close the destination file.
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    You'll have better luck posting the code with a codetag. And noone here will write any code for you. You have to write your own code, and we will help you correct it.
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    What is a codetag?

    Also I really have no clue on how to get started with the copy function.
    Any suggestions?

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    I guessed you missed this in your zeal... << !! Posting Code? Read this First !! >>

    I had a look at your file... It's C++ code, all jammed up on one line without a linebreak in sight.

    So... you probably should read the link above then repost this in the C++ forum.

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