Thread: Searching for strings in a large group of characters and numbers

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    Searching for strings in a large group of characters and numbers

    I've been tasked with creating a program that reads in 2 virus signatures as strings, i.e.
    '2A40 020E 0788 0002 33C9 8BD1 419C' and '10BC B801 33C9 8BD1 ABCD'
    Then given a text file such as:
    I have to scan through that and find if there are any exact matches to those virus signatures or if there's a number/letter that is replaced with another, or if any of the characters in the found virus signature has swapped.

    2A40 020E 0878 0002 33C9 8BD1 419C
    where the bolded 8 & 7 have swapped
    2A40 020E 0788 0002 33C9 88D1 419C
    where the bolded 8 replaced a B

    I know how to read everything in and what not but I have no clue how to even go about scanning through the text for those exact or close to exact strings. Can anyone please shed a little light on this mystery?

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    Ok, nice project... Get started on it, write as much as you can. Then if you get stuck (really stuck, not lazy stuck) post your code, explain the problems and maybe we'll help you out.

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