Thread: Handling scanf/cin at executin time of program

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    Question Handling scanf/cin at executin time of program


    I need some information regarding how to handle scanf values while executing the program itself.
    For example:
    main(int argc, char* argv[])
    char str[20];
    printf("first argument: %s",__argv[1]);
    printf("Second argument: %s",__argv[2]);
    printf("Enter your name:");
    suppose the program exe name is BYTE then in order to execute from command prompt we need to give:
    BYTE 1arg 2arg ->ENTER
    it asks to enter your name

    My question is how can i give name at executing itself
    BYTE 1arg 2arg << James Bond

    will it work???
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    Not <<, but |

    echo ThisIsMyVeryLongNameDesignedToBlowUpYourProgramUsi ngTheUnsafeGetsFunction | BYTE 1arg 2arg
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