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    It is possible?

    Hello guys. I have a very big question for you...i can't find any solution.

    Let's say that i have this code:

    void check()



    int main()

    So it is an infinite loop. The question is:
    It is possible to stop the function while it is executing without using any other logical var like

    do something;

    I'm thinking at something like stop(*check) or...i don't know. I was wondering... if i could keep into a pointer the adress of that check() call it would be possible that by changing its value with null i mean *ptr=null to stop the function?

    Why i need it? I'm doing a sockets listening function so i need to stop the

    } through an another Stop function

    Conclusion: I don't want to use a logical variable to stop the function while it is executing. I want to close it at any time with another function... It would be possible?

    Thank you and sorry for my poor English!

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    You need to read this before posting: << !! Posting Code? Read this First !! >>. Then, make sure you use code tags when you post.

    As for your question, standard C does not allow that. Standard C doesn't let you have a second function executing simultaneously to change a variable in the first function.

    You can get around this general problem using threads, but they're not portable, i.e. threads work differently on Windows, Linux, etc, and it's a cheap hack of a solution for your problem, IMO.

    As for your socket code, you can use non-blocking sockets. I don't know if you're using Windows or Linux, but their sockets libraries are very similar, so check out this networking guide: Beej's Guide to Network Programming.

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