Thread: use function to call scanf()

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    use function to call scanf()

    is it possible to accept values via a function without directly using scanf(). if yes plz tel how. plz look at the attachment, wats the error in it? how can i achieve the aforesaid intention.

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    • Your file ends in .cpp. You are asking for help in the C subforum.
    • You can only return one variable or value. You are attempting to return multiple variables in your scan() function.
    • The pointers in your scan() function are dangling pointers. You never initialized them.
    • Your program uses the scanf function directly.
    • There are multiple ways to scan in data. For example, using gets. But gets is not a "safe" function.
    • Using "goto" when not needed is generally seen as a poor programming habit.
    • conio.h isn't standard C. It's better to just use getchar to keep the console open.
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    but how can it be done??

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    Yes, by using say, fscanf or sscanf, or by parsing the input yourself.
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